Unrivalled Weight Managment System

What is RejuvaDetox?

Based on holistic dietetics, the Rejuvadetox weight loss technique is designed to allow the body to heal itself through assisting absorption, re balancing and internal healing.

Unlike other slimming programmes, it is the internal congestion within our bodies that Rejuvadetox focuses on. With each year that passes this toxic waste makes our bodies so much more inefficient and sluggish and weight loss so much more difficult to achieve.


Would you love to?

  1. Lose weight that STAYS OFF
  2. Nourish your body and add years to your life
  3. Sleep better than you have in years
  4. De stress
  5. Ease/eliminate health issues
  6. Absorb your food and nutrition
  7. Drop at least a dress/suit size in one month
  8. Lose weight whilst eating normal healthy foods all day
  9. Lose masses of inches from stubborn places
  10. Enjoy renewed energy and vibrancy
  11. Feel 10 years younger
  12. Look 10 years younger

Initial Consultation:

An initial consultation will assess the client's current diet. A thermographic scan of the digestive system is taken (externally); this is visual and will be shared with the client. A damaged digestive system compresses the intestines, crushing the internal area and causing the cells to be deoxygenised.

Toxified waste and calcified plaque is indicated as a black mass, which over 12 sessions gradually turns blue as treatments begin to work and the body becomes healthier.

Thermographic Scanning:

Using a thermographic scanner we can see the level of toxicity within the digestive system.

The black of week one shows a heavily congested system, while the increasing amount of blue shows the system rebalancing and becoming healthier.

Stage: 4

The large area of black shows the body is heavily congested and in a toxified state.

Stage: 3

Within the space of a week the area is starting to decongest.

Stage: 2

The increasing amount of blue indicates an almost rebalanced system.

Stage: 1

Success! The large area of blue clearly shows a healthy, rebalanced system.

Six months later...

This shows that digestion is working better than ever even after six months. After completing the one month RejuvaDetox programme, participant's bodies are re-programmed, detoxified and rejuvenated and their body is able to function better and deal with food more efficiently than before.

Electronic Massage:

The ultimate detoxifier was developed as a way of delivering the equivalent of a really deep yet painless lymphatic massage. Unlike other machines on the market it is not solely an inter-muscular machine, although it does have that capacity when placed on origin and insertion of the muscles and intensity changed. The primary function of the RejuvaDetox machine is to breakdown calcification of the toxic fat cell, allowing fat toxins to be drawn from the cell into the lymph system. It then switches onto lymphatic dilation and drainage and rapidly eliminates these toxins from the body.

Ten years of serious damage can be reversed in a year. With less serious damage, most of us can return to optimum health in three months.

Depending on your condition when you start, two weeks can have you looking and feeling better than you have in years, after that it's up to you.


  • Drop a clothes size in 4 weeks.
  • Amazing inch loss - average 15lbs & 17" in 28 days!
  • 2,000 calories a day on normal food.
  • Improve digestive and weight problems.
  • Guaranteed results or FREE treatments.
  • Improves most health conditions.

Health Benefits

  • Anti Ageing.
  • High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol.
  • Back Problems.
  • Eczema/Asthma.
  • Headaches/Migraine.
  • Hormonal/Menopausal.
  • Depression /Anxiety and much more...

For more details call us on
020 8391 2865 - (SURREY)

Our Guarantee

Lose 10lbs OR drop a dress size in 28 days. If you don't we will give you free sessions until you do (refer to terms and conditions).

Symptoms - Arthritis and over-weight

"Well, what an amazing experience. My confidence is renewed and my arthritis has improved. I lost 42 ½ inches and 24lbs in weight- and I have so much energy!!"

Symptoms - Bloating and menopause - Treatment- Rejuvadetox

"Fantastic! No other word for it! This treatment is amazing. 12 lbs and 28 ½ inches later and I feel great. Healthy, happy and amazed! The added bonus are the therapists too, the nicest girls you could meet. Thank you for all you have done for me!"

The Results

Client: T Deall Age: 48

CHEST 39.5" CHEST 38" CHEST 37.5" CHEST 37.5" CHEST 37"
WAIST 34.5" WAIST 32.8" WAIST 31.5" WAIST 31" WAIST 29.5"
HIPS 36.5" HIPS 35.5" HIPS 34.1" HIPS 34.2" HIPS 33.1"
THIGHS 20.5" THIGHS 19.5" THIGHS 18.8" THIGHS 18" THIGHS 17.2"
ARMS 11.6" ARMS 10.9" ARMS 10.5" ARMS 10.5" ARMS 10"
WEIGHT 9st 13lbsWEIGHT 9st 8lbsWEIGHT 9st 3lbsWEIGHT 9st 1lbsWEIGHT 8st 10lbs





These amazing results from the Rejuvadetox machine and specialised diet could be yours!!

The Package includes tailored nutrition, literature and support for a detox that not only works inside but transforms the outside.

Call 020 8391 2865 Now and book your appointment.

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